Established in 1970 ,Teppatana Paper Mill Co., Ltd. is, today, one of Thailand’s leading manufacture of quality recycled paper. Over the past four decades, the company has experienced steady growth, while gradually expanding and improving the quality of its product range. Teppatana Paper Mill has currently a total annual production capacity of 15,000 tons.
     Company policy is fully committed in developing the quality of its entire product range and services through the use of its advanced technology manufacturing processes, combined with its highly skilled and well-trained workforce. The current quality paper products range includes Uncoated Box Board; Printing & Writing Paper: Colour Paper; Eye Soft Paper; and Glass Interleaving Paper.
     Although, Teppatana paper Mill’s products are, today, a source of great satisfaction with a wide range of customers, company policy plan of expand its production capacity and wide range of products to meet the specific requirements of an even greater customer portfolio in the future.



     The company is confident that the success of the organization depend upon good coordination and quality employees. This is achieved through conduction of a multitude of training course focusing on skills and knowledge enhancement. The company also places emphasis on safety procedures in the factory, provides excellent welfare benefits to the employees and encouranges the participation of employees in various company activities.
     Based on the above philosophy, the company is pround to have achieved honorary awards such as “Best Enterprise and Labor Union in terms of Labor Relation, “Best Enterprise in terms of Safety Province Level, and “ Best Enterprise in terms of Safety Occupational Health and Working Environment.


Kulvat Janvatanavit
Managing Director
Narongrit Phanichewa
Management Advisor
Sihapol Thiramanus
Procurement Director
Vijarn Tirawan
Mill Management Manager
Patima Mesprasat
Business Development Manager
Teerawut Khamchan



Quality Policy
“Maximize Customer Satisfaction by Continual Improve Quality Management System.”

  The company successfully implemented the international ISO 9001 Quality Management System to improve its quality standards and overall efficiency.

This Includes:
     1. Improving its management system in accordance with international quality management standards.
     2. Continuous development of product quality and services to active greater customer satisfaction.
     3. Increasing efficiency in skills and knowledge, and performance responsibility to all customers.
     4. Operating production process to meet quality standards and procedures.
     5. Improving work envelopment to promote cleanliness and safety.

ISO Committee



     At Teppatana Paper Mill Co.,Ltd. we concern about environtment and global warming. That's why our main raw materials are from recycled paper which help minimize garbage, preserve the trees and help reduce the global warming. All manufacturing processes undergo careful inspection to ensure best quality paper and lab controls uphold quality standards in accordance with customer requirements.
     In addition, wastewater from the manufacturing operation is processed via the company’s own wastewater treatment system which enables it to be reused in part of the production process. This process maximizes the optimum usage of reused water.
And reduce discharged water to environtment.